There are many ways to find scholarship money. One of the best is through the Black Hawk College Foundations. We also offer academic and athletic achievement awards specifically for BHC students and can recommend other sources.

Foundations Scholarships

Black Hawk College Foundations Scholarships

The Black Hawk College Foundations have more than 200 scholarships available to you as a full- or part-time student. Scholarship opportunities are based on academic performance, financial need and/or area of study. Benefit from the generosity of the many individuals and organizations who believe in your education.

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Foundations Scholarship Application

The Foundations Scholarship Application must be submitted from March 15 to June 1 to be eligible for the following academic year. Students complete the same application whether they are enrolling at the Quad-Cities Campus or the East Campus. Recipients are notified during the summer.

NOTE: The East Campus CNA scholarships are awarded through a separate process. For the application and more information visit the Black Hawk College East Foundation website.

Presidential Scholars

BHC Presidential Scholars

In-district high school seniors in the top 10% of their graduating class at the end of seven semesters are eligible for the Black Hawk College Presidential Scholars Award. For early graduates (after 3½ years), class rank after six semesters will be used. You must have attended a public high school or an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) accredited private high school within the Illinois Community College District #503 to qualify. Presidential Scholars are awarded 100% of their tuition up to 16 credit hours per semester. An administration fee of $30 per credit hour will be assessed.

Presidential Scholars-eligible High Schools

High Schools Col 1

  • Alleman High School
  • AlWood High School
  • Annawan High School
  • Cambridge High School
  • Erie High School
  • Galva High School
  • Geneseo High School
  • Kewanee High School
  • Mercer County High School
  • Moline High School

High Schools Col 2

  • Orion High School
  • Quad Cities Christian School
  • Riverdale High School
  • Rock Island High School
  • Rockridge High School
  • Sherrard High School
  • Stark County High School
  • United Township High School
  • Wethersfield High School

Qualifying students will receive a packet in the spring and must accept by May 15. Presidential Scholars must enroll full-time immediately after graduation from high school. Summer enrollment is optional. Presidential Scholars must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade point average to renew the scholarship.

Department-based Scholarships

BHC Department-based Scholarships

Several academic departments and athletic teams offer tuition awards to talented students. Students are required to enroll full-time and maintain the requirements of the department. Awards are based on credit hours up to 16 credit hours per semester. An administration fee of $30 per credit hour will be assessed.

Academic Department Scholarships

Several scholarships are available for students entering into a specific major or program. Application details and eligibility can be found on each respective program's department page.

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Private Scholarships

Private Scholarships

Scholarships may be from an industry, service group, professional organization, foundation, church, state government or academic department. You can search for scholarships then follow the donor’s application guidelines and deadlines. Each donor sets their requirements of what they’re looking for in a scholarship recipient.

Be wary of scholarship search scams where you pay to apply. There are no guarantees or money-back offers for scholarships.

Online Resources

Need to submit a private scholarship check?

Scholarship checks can be mailed to the Financial Aid Office for processing – please make sure to include the student’s name and BHC ID #. Mail scholarship checks to:

Black Hawk College Financial Aid Office

6600 34th Avenue
Moline, IL 61265